28 November 2007

Wii Fitness Test Results *drumroll*

According to my latest test result, the Wii has determinted that my fitness age is 44 :(

I need to excercise more and work on my balance. My speed is improving though.

I am so glad we got the Nintendo Wii because it really gives me a good workout and also I get to spend fun time with my best mate, my hubby !

We also traded one of our old games for the latest Mario & Sonic at the Olympics 2008 Beijing. WOW ! There is soooo much more choices and the games can get really competitive when you have more than 1 human player rather than playing againist the console.

Pity the Wii cannot take snapshots of my progress. Does anyone know if the Wii can be linked to the PC ? Drop me a comment if you know !

P/S : I enjoy tennis and bowling on the Wii Sports & Rowing & Gymnastics on the Olympics.